Notice to Wisconsin Residents

Practical Portfolios LLC is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of the personal information that is entrusted to us.

We do not provide your personal information to any unaffiliated third parties without your express written permission.

With your permission, we share a limited amount of information about you with your brokerage firm and our service bureaus in order to execute and report securities transactions on your behalf.

With your permission, we disclose limited information to attorneys, accountants, and mortgage lenders with whom you have established relationships. You may opt out from our sharing information with these nonaffiliated third parties by notifying us at any time.

We require strict confidentiality in our agreements with unaffiliated third parties that require access to your personal information, including financial service companies, consultants, and auditors. Federal and state securities regulators may review our company records and your personal records as permitted by law.

The categories of nonpublic information that we collect from you may include information about your personal finances, information about your health to the extent that it is needed for the financial planning process and information about transactions between you and third parties. This information is used to help you meet your personal financial goals.

Personally identifiable information about you will be maintained by the firm while you are a client, and for the required period thereafter as mandated by federal and state securities laws. During that time, the firm maintains secure office and computing environments to ensure that your information is not placed at unreasonable risk. After that time, your information will be destroyed.

We will notify you in advance if our privacy policy is expected to change. We are required by law to deliver this Notice of Privacy Practices to you annually, in writing.

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