Investment Management

Custom Portfolios

Custom Portfolios are designed for maximum flexibility. These accounts typically hold multiple types of assets and individual securities. Custom Portfolios are configured according to each client’s specifications

Custom Portfolio management fee: 0.80%

Model Portfolios

Model Portfolios are designed for efficiency and cost effectiveness. These accounts typically hold a limited number of exchange traded funds and indexed mutual funds, selected by Practical Portfolios LLC, that are used in various combinations to reflect the client’s specific investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment time horizon. These investments may include: total US stock market, total non-US stock market, total bond market, energy, and other sector-based index funds and exchange traded funds. Many non-proprietary, publicly traded investments are available. However, individually issued and traded bonds are not available in Model Portfolios.

Fees for investment management services: Management fees are billed quarterly as an annualized percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM). When applicable, other expenses are separate from and not included in the calculation of the annualized management fee charged by Practical Portfolios LLC, such as: brokerage commissions, transaction charges, and separate management fees for each mutual fund or exchange traded fund. A detailed description of these expenses can be found in each fund’s prospectus and the broker-dealer’s disclosure statement.

Model Portfolio management fee: 0.40%

Personal Financial Planning

Practical Portfolios has the tools, techniques and experience to help you achieve your financial planning goals in these key areas:

Goal and Objective Setting
Budgeting and Cash Management
Investment Analysis
Tax Planning
Insurance Needs
Education Funding
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Charitable Giving

Fees for financial planning services: $180 per hour.


Practical 401k Plans

Practical 401k plans are available with our Model Portfolios that utilized a wide variety of exchange traded funds (ETFs), index mutual funds, and optional, self-directed brokerage accounts. Plans can be designed as a comprehensive retirement solution or as stand-alone service to complement your current plan design, plan administrator, and record keeping service providers. Please contact Practical Portfolios for more information regarding fees, expenses, and plan specifications that will meet your business needs.

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